About Aimée Senise Conners

A born seeker, I was fascinated by India & yoga since I first saw the Beatles with the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in old films. I found meditation while still in high school, and eventually, through study and living in the ashram of Gurumayi Chidvilasananda, I met my two most significant mentors: John Friend and Douglas Brooks. That precise pairing of exacting asana and influential philosophy defines my style of yoga teaching and it is what I try to bring to every class I teach.

Using inspiring teachings that I encounter from life & yoga lore or philosophy as themes, I work hard to weave movement and words, guiding students through the practice and at the same time guiding people within themselves. I deeply want students to know that there is nothing confronting any of us that we can’t shift in significant ways by skillfully using our thoughts, our bodies, and our Hearts to effect change.

In 2011, after 15 years of teaching yoga, I felt I was ready to lead teach my first teacher training. It was a break-through moment in my Yoga path when I realized one of my truest strengths is teaching others to teach. I will be forever grateful to Randi Lattimore for the opportunity and the partnership she’s offered me throughout that journey of becoming a teacher trainer. I am currently involved in the teacher training programs at Midtown Athletic Club & Tru Yoga, and have guest taught in past teacher trainings in the Rochester area over the years.

This last decade has held other fun accomplishments: a 2nd annual Yoga Rave at the Harro East ballroom with over 200 attendees, I gave my first TED talk, and taught my first national workshops at Wanderlust Festival, VT, and the Kripalu Center.
I am currently earning my Masters in Social Work from the College at Brockport. 
In addition to yoga teaching, my other favorite vocation is being a mom to my 11 year old son Maxwell, and step-mom to Whitman, Max, and Kane. I also love sushi, cooking, houseplants, the ocean and the company of my incredibly supportive family, friends, and, most of all, my husband Peter.


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